Midnight, Forecastle

Midnight, Forecastle

The Daphne Collection, North Perth

17th January – 2nd February 2014


Played out in the cerulean blue of Google’s ‘no map data here’ placeholder imagery and the murky turquoise of the Indian Ocean, Midnight, Forecastle tells the story of the Western Australian Coastline from the Eucla to Kununurra. In pursuit, like Captain Ahab before of, of aerial imagery of a whale, Sheridan Coleman clicked and dragged herself all the way along the WA coastline’s digital clone in Google Maps, at a screen resolution of 50m, over the course of six months. The resulting paintings and drawings reveal a journey of frustration, intrigue and humour as unidentifiable objects, whale-like splashes and endless, bare ocean all become as curious and beautiful as the long-for whale itself.

Photographs (c) 2014 Sheridan Coleman & Sophie Bower-Johnston