Kurb Gallery, Northbridge

10th May – 15th May 2009


Magisterium is a diverse, multi-disciplinary celebration of humanity, beauty and doubt, littered with monument, ritual, appropriated spiritual motif and romanticized extrapolations upon mortality. Spanning photography, sculpture and painting, Magisterium considered the legacy of religious imagery and religious tropes from historical European painting, the symbols of which have served in contemporary times as flexible and evocative markers of everything from self-aggrandizing autobiography to meditations on atheism. Magisterium spans this broad landscape, playing with the symbols of religious art to see how they might perform, serve and bolster contemporary meditations on family, portraiture and those big, existential questions regarding purpose, significance and meaning.

Photographs (c) Suzanne & Sheridan Coleman 2009


My Growing Suspicion, 2009, Sheridan Coleman, photograph


Vanitas Alphabet, 2009, Sheridan Coleman, goauche on plaster

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Fruits and Labour, 2009, Sheridan Coleman, photographs


Family Tableau, 2009, Sheridan Coleman, photograph


100 Marys, 2009, Sheridan Coleman, gouache and acrylic on canvas

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Jake as a Falling Angel, 2008, Sheridan Coleman, photographs


My Mountain, gallery view, 2008-9, Sheridan Coleman, papier-mache, Spakfilla, acrylic, matchsticks, flocking

My Mountain was also included in an exhibition curated by Tom Penney and Francis Russell: Unheimlich Catalogue