Curriculum Vitae


Doctor of Philosophy | Curtin University of Technology, supported by Australian Postgraduate Award and Curtin University Postgraduate Scholarship Award, 2017

Diploma of Practice-led Research | Queensland University of Technology, 2013

Masters of Art (Art) with Distinction | Curtin University of Technology, 2011

Bachelor of Art (Art) with First Class Honours | Curtin University of Technology, 2011


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Thirteen Days | Toy Returns, 2018

Internet Explorer | Turner Galleries, 2017

A Space Between |curated by Catherine Landro and Jenn Garland, Paper Mountain Gallery, 2017

Higher Degrees | John Curtin Gallery, 2017

Words Beyond Grammar | curated by Steven Finch & Claire Bushy, Spectrum Project Space, 2016

Wilderness User | Paper Mountain Gallery, 2015

Midnight, Forecastle | The Daphne Collection, 2014

Cropped Open Ocean | curated by Katie Lenanton, Light Locker Art Space, 2013

International Summit | John Curtin Gallery, 2012

Conservatorium | Paper Mountain Gallery, 2012

How to Talk with a Mountain | Awesome Arts Festival, Paper Mountain Gallery, 2012

Grifting |New Kurb Gallery, 2010

Magisterium | Kurb Gallery, 2009

Unheimlich | Kurb Gallery, 2009

LIMV Cookbook Poster Show | Gallery 391, 2009

Talks & Presentations

Writing a Valuable Artist’s Statement |30-minute lecture on art writing, 25under25 Art Award workshop, Fremantle Arts Centre, 2019

Fremantle Arts Centre: Contemporary Programming in a Historical Site | 45-minute lecture on the merits of artistic engagement with the history of the Fremantle Lunatic Asylum, presented at 2017 Fremantle Studies Day, Fremantle Army Museum. Convened by Prof, Em. Robert Reece and chaired by Alan Pearson, Fremantle History Society, 2017

Wilderness User and A Digital Tour of the World via Google Maps | art talks, Wilderness User: Sheridan Coleman, Paper Mountain Gallery, chaired by Desmond Tan, 2015

The Australian Ocean as an Agent of Gothic Disappearance | conference presentation, 2015 GANZA conference: Boundaries, Mergence, Liminalities, conference convened by Dr. Lorna Piatti-Farnell, 2015

Seeing, Imaging and Imagining Unvisited Lands | conference presentation, 2014 AAANZ conference: GEOCritical, Launceston, session convened by Dr. Martin Walch, 2014

The Australian Ocean and Disappearance | art talks, Horizon: Exploring the West Coast with the Clipperton Project, Public Program, Fremantle Arts Centre, chaired by Julia Remmert, 2014

The Pencil Marks, The Past Moment | opening address, Tears/Other Worlds by Lauren Cowdrey, The Daphne Collection, 2014

Worldwide Backyard | public art talk, in conversation with curator Gemma Weston, Lawrence Wilson Gallery, Crawley, 2014

Shareparty | opening address at Shareparty by Keiron Broadhurst Book Launch, Fremantle Arts Centre, 2014

The Perth Eye | opening night address at Bright Lights Big City,  Buratti Fine Art, North Fremantle, 2013

Big Ass Shed | ‘Maylands Studio Night’ Lecture on WA artist Bevan Honey, Miik Green Studio, Maylands, 2013

A Brief History of European Alpinism | performance lecture for Picture Book, cur. Eva Bujalka, The Bird, Northbridge, 2011

Animation iLecture| Curtin University of Technology, 2010